Morning Run With Kylie!!

Born to Run 1

I finally did it! I went on my 6am run with Kylie and Robert came with us on his long-board! It was pretty exciting and only possible because we got the shock collar. I just used the vibration setting when she started sprinting and dragging me. She was still kind of a pain because she was super excited and had never run outside of the apartment complex but it was manageable. Hopefully she’ll get used to it and stop freaking out.

Yesterday Robert had the genius idea of letting her off her leash and letting her run around the tennis courts while we threw the football. When we weren’t throwing her tennis ball for her to fetch, she was scouting the tennis court fence trying to find a way to escape. That’s the thing I hate about Kylie. She never appreciates new things like being able to run around without a leash. She always wants more- which I guess it’s an animal instinct to want to roam free but it’s annoying.

Anyways, I’ve been feeling much better since I started running again. I’m not super antsy and restless like I’ve been the past few months and I feel like running in the morning kick starts my brain and makes me think more clearly. I also feel like morning runs make me more active throughout the day and breaks up the monotony of inactivity in my life. It’s nice.

Morning Run With Kylie!!

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