This is my puppy Kylie.


She’s 3 years old and 60 pounds of gorgeous fluff. We got her about a month ago from people who used her as a breeding dog and decided they were done with her.

I want to go running with her in the morning before I go to work but she’s not leash trained and pulls a lot. I don’t know if she pulls because she’s a sled dog or because she isn’t properly trained, but either way I can’t do it until she calms down.

She’s so cute. And she gets away with murder because of it. I swear if she pulled the crap she does now but was an ugly dog, Robert and I would have given her back asap. But she’s slowly getting better and learning she’s not supposed to climb on the counter to eat our food, nip at little girls’ hands, bite dogs, go through the trash, and pull on the leash. She’s kind of a terrible dog but I love her all the same.




I’m trying to eat healthier but I love. love. sugar.

Most of my calories used to come from sugar. But Robert has been trying to help me eat less which is not fun at all, but necessary. I have a family history of high cholesterol even though none of my family members are overweight so I need to watch things like sugar.

I stopped binge eating/sugar loading since I started dating Robert about 9 months ago and I’ve maintained around 110lbs from just that. Now I’m at 108lbs and trying to get down to 106lbs and maintain that. Lately, the sugar I’ve been eating has been from cereal, chocolate, ice cream, Nutrigrain bars, and Oreos. I’m trying to keep it down to one Nutrigrain bar and one Oreo but I’m slowly working my way down to that.

I don’t know what it is about Oreos, but I love them. It started when Robert and I got Pumpkin Spice Oreos in October because we were on a pumpkin spice craze and I haven’t been able to get Oreos off my mind since. We’ve also gotten the Winter Oreos and Caramel Apple Oreos too. Right now we have the Lemon Oreos and we’re super excited about the Red Velvet Oreos that are supposed to come out in stores Feb 2. I can’t. wait.




Last night after work, my boyfriend Robert and I started running for 30 min and doing push-ups. I was feeling really squishy and flabby yesterday and it was giving me a lot of stress so he said he would run with me every weekday with weekends as rest days.

I absolutely love running- which is weird because I used to absolutely hate it. I’m not fast, I can’t run for a long time, and I’m not naturally athletic. But there’s something I’ve grown to love about running.

When I’m stressed, running makes me feel like I’m temporarily leaving all my problems behind and escaping into a paradise where I can stay as long as my legs are moving. I love the crisp air my lungs breathe in. Feeling the physical stress on me as I run makes me remember that I’m alive and makes me tune into my body. I love feeling like I accomplished something and pushed myself a little further than I thought I could. I love seeing my body build endurance and take me further each day. It’s fantastic.

And today, I feel fabulous. Just one day of running and my tummy and thighs are so much tighter. The difference in my body from yesterday to today alone is almost mind-blowing. I don’t know why it made such a difference, but it did and I’m not complaining. So from now on, I”ll be running 30min and doing push-ups at 6am with Robert 5 days a week.