Mental Clarity


I have ADHD. I’m fidgety and my mind is flighty most of the time. To compensate, I’m very organized. I keep a lot of lists. I love lists. Lists of what I have to do that day, of what I need at the grocery store, of my favorite books, of my favorite tv episodes, you name it. I also like routine. I like to do the same thing at the same time, every week day, and eat the same food except for dinner which can vary. If I don’t have routine then I feel like I don’t need to do anything and I end up shirking responsibility, and I usually end up over-eating. This is my schedule as of late:

6am- wake up, get ready for morning run, stretch

6:20am- leave the house, run, stretch outside, take Kylie for a walk, shower

7:15am- eat a small bowl of cereal, make 1/2 a pbj for the rest of my breakfast that I will eat at work, make a ham&cheese&egg sandwich for lunch with a Nature Valley bar, lemon Oreo, and Wethers candy for a snack

7:55am- leave for work

8:15am- arrive at work, boring work stuff

4:15pm- go home, dinner, free time

9:30pm- sleep

So anyway, in college I used to take Adderall XL 20mg to keep up with my classes. But I realized that althought adderall is awesome for getting things done and understand what’s going on during lecture, it makes me feel disconnected from everyone around me and I don’t like that. It also makes my brain feel stuck on one train of thought sometimes which I also don’t like. So I stopped taking it after I finished college in August 2014. I still take it once in a while on the special occasion where I have a crap-ton to do and no will to do it, but very rarely.

Anyway, today is the second week that I’ve been running in the morning and I don’t know why, but I felt like my brain was on Adderall today. My mind was super clear and on task and I wasn’t fidgety at all and I wasn’t tired either. It was amazing and I think it’s because I started exercising again. They say that exercise helps you do better at school and work but I never believed it really until today. Just another reason I will keep running in the mornings!

Mental Clarity