Night Runs


Well, I’m not running in the mornings anymore. I lasted longer than I thought I would. The only reason I’ll be running in the evening from now on is that Robert is finally having his knee surgery- which means he can’t bike next to me while I run- and he doesn’t want me running outside alone when there isn’t a lot of witnesses around. So 5pm it is. I was getting tired of running in the frigid cold morning air anyways.


I ran at 5pm yesterday after neglecting to run for three days straight. Not running enough + way too much sugar = a verry cranky me. I didn’t run for a few days because I gave myself a gash in my shin because I dropped a gallon tub of ice cream on myself while at Safeway. Then when we brought it home, I ate too much of it, so double whammy. So I decided not to eat any more ice cream, and Robert, after eating too much key lime pie, decided he couldn’t have any more pie because it was making him feel sick. So we’ll be eating healthy for at least the next few weeks. download

We’ve been having smoothies lately. Frozen berries + 1 banana + spinach + orange juice. So delicious and helps us get more fruits and veggies. I’ve been thinking of adding Metamucil to the smoothies.. I think I need more fiber. I’ve been having oranges at work too. I love orange season. Its so delicious.

Night Runs